Apply For Your Wheelchair Van Loan & Attractive Terms

Locating sources of funding to adapt or purchase a new vehicle can sometimes be more of a challenge than selecting the vehicle itself! Success often depends on knowing where to look.

Agor Enterprises will help guide you in your search, but it’s important that you recognize funding opportunities that could be unique to your circumstances. For example: if you are a veteran, the Veteran Administration may have programs that cover all or part of your expenses, depending on the nature of your disability.

Other state offices, including the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Division of Developmental Services, should also be asked to assess your eligibility for additional funding. And, of course, your insurance or workman’s compensation policies may include coverage for your type of disability.

Get Financed The Old Fashion Way

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable applying for credit online, that is no problem. You can download a printable application and fill it in by hand. Once completed you can mail it, fax it or simply drop it off. Other options include: giving us a call and we’ll take an application of the phone or stop in and fill it out in-person.

5 Places To Get A Loan To Buy Your Handicap Wheelchair Van

If you have looked into buying a new or used wheelchair van you realize that these vehicles can be really expensive. But the benefits  are definitely worth the investment. 

So how do you purchase a wheelchair van when they out of pocket cost it more than you can handle? Thankfully, there are a number of auto financing options to suit your wheelchair van loan needs. Wheelchair van financing can be obtained a number of different ways. Here are 5 financing options that can help you get on the road to freedom.

1. Veterans Association Loan

If you are a qualifiying veteran, then tha VA should be your first stop in your search for an auto loan to finance your wheelchair accessible van. The VA offers several auto financing programs, often at lower than market rates.

2. State Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Every state has lending programs designed to provide financial assistance for handicapped individuals.These programs, you can find van financing options that will help you re-enter or remain in the workforce. Such state financing programs could be a valuable handicap van option if you do not qualify for VA financial assistance.

3. Mobility Rebate Programs

When purchasing a new vehicle for modification, the OEM may offer you rebates for the modifications. Most are $1,000.

4. Local Lending Organizations

In addition to government lending sources, there are many local organizations that can help. Almost every area  has a multitude of these types of local organizations, each of which has the potential to make your dream of owning a wheelchair van a realtiy.

5. Specialized Lenders 

There are specialty auto leanders that are able to extend the loan amount required to get you driving. Most of these auto loans are specifically designed for wheelchair van financing and offer flexible payment terms, sometimes up to 9 years. Ask a mobility dealer for more information.

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All information on this page is subject to change at any time and without notice. Credit check required. Certain handicap van financing options are only available with approved credit scores and minimum down payment. The payment calculator only provides an estimate of the payment amount and should be used as reference only. Please call for exact financing options for your needs.


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