Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Vans in Rochester, NY

Agor Enterprises in Rochester, NY offers affordable and reliable wheelchair accessible handicap vans and vehicles. We have been offering pre-built and customizable vans since 1971, utilizing the latest of tools and equipment since the very beginning. We believe that accessibility starts with simplicity, and aim to provide a vehicle experience that is actually usable by you. This includes things such as lifts and ramps, both side and rear entry, for your vehicle, as well as other accessories that can accommodate your needs. We believe that communication and trust is essential when finding a handicap van for sale, and we believe that the relationship you build with Agor Enterprises is one that you will find useful for years to come.

Rear and Side Entry Conversion Vans

The type of conversion van that you require greatly depends on the limitations of your environment. For example, your garage may not have the side space required for a side entry handicap van, and will require the use of a rear entry. The same could be said if you live in a housing complex that has a handicap parking space that is ideal for a side entry ramp. We work with you to find the ideal solution for your vehicle, and provide you with options that could be available immediately.

Handicap Accessories

Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

Wheelchair and Scooter lifts are not designed to lift people, but are appropriate for lifting your mobility device. The weight limits of these devices are rated and readily available to you.

Platform Lift

Engineered for easy operation, an interior platform lift is one of the most popular options for stowing a wheelchair or scooter inside a vehicle. Simply drive your device on the platform, press a button, and your equipment is safely and securely tucked away inside your van.

Crane-Style Lift

Available for a wide variety of vehicles, A Crane/hoist lift is an effective solution for lifting and transporting Mobility equipment. Standing at the rear of your vehicle, connect the supplied docking device on the hoist strap to the wheelchair or scooter. Push a button to lift & store your mobility device (up to 400 lb) into your Pickup truck, SUV or van

Hitch Mount Lifts

Keep all of your vehicle’s interior space for seating and cargo by transporting your scooter or powerchair with an exterior lift. Durable, safe and reliable NOTE: Tongue-weight carrying capacity as listed in the vehicle owner’s manual must not be exceeded