About Agor Enterprises

Built on the principal that dedication, service to the customer, and quality are paramount in running a successful business, Agor Enterprises continues to be a leader in customized solutions for the physically challenged. We continue to welcome challenges to provide solutions that enable independence.

Serving New York For Over 40 Years

In 1971 I established Agor Enterprises, Inc. to build custom vans for individuals and automobile dealers throughout the Northeast. In 1974 I was approached by a Rochester, New York provider of handicapped services, wondering if I could use my expertise as a race car and custom van builder to provide adaptive vehicle modifications for disabled drivers. I accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and a new service was provided. In 1990, due to my own physical limitations, I started using a three-wheel scooter-heightening my awareness and appreciation of the need for independence.


951 Panorama Trail

Rochester, NY 14625

(585) 385-2556


1241 Erie Blvd West

Syracuse, NY 13204

(315) 510-4272