As you get older, with the change in how your body functions and the medications you take, it may make it more difficult for you to get around but don’t worry we are here to help you! Here are some good tips to help you lower your risk of falling.

 *Make sure you are going to the doctors regularly.  It’s important to keep in touch with your personal doctor. It is also important be sure that your medications are not going to increase your risk of falling, when you schedule your next appointment be sure to bring in all your medications you are currently taking and let your doctor cross check them all to make sure the medications are not conflicting in any way and to check that they are not going to increase your risk of a potentially dangerous fall.  Also discuss with your doctor if you have fallen already, where and how it happened so the doctor can help with prevention strategies.

 *Have you set up your house for success? Here are some really great ways to help you stay safe and fall resistant in your home:

-Keep your hallways clear; keep all shoes and oddities out of your way.

-Make sure everything has its place; Keep what you use most often somewhere you know and have easy access to as to keep from over stretching, bending or stepping . If you stay organized then you won’t have to be searching around for everything or falling because of a mess.

 -Removing small throw rugs is important; they are easily looked over and are easy to trip on.

 -Is your house well lit? Make sure everything is visible for the eye to see.

 -A shoe that fits well makes all the difference, whether you’re indoors or outdoors a shoe that doesn’t fit properly will not help you walk properly.

 -Have a family member help you to install handles or handrails where needed in your house to help you have an extra grip in places that may need some caution. For example, shower rails in your bath room.

 *Exercise is Key-The more active you stay, the stronger you will be. Exercise, if you get the Okay by your doctor, can help keep you more balanced; give you more coordination and flexibility. All these things are great ways to keep you from falling and staying safe from harm.

These are just some of the many ways to prevent falling in your home.

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