Restore your Independence

Having access to every aspect of your home (or workplace) should not be considered a luxury! The right equipment, installed by authorized, certified, and insured experts at Agor Enterprises, can eliminate barriers and restore independence to those who may struggle with daily activities such as navigating stairs, having full access to a bathroom, or even simply transferring from a bed or chair into a wheelchair.

Stair Lifts, Overhead Ceiling Lifts, Ramps & Porch Lifts are some of our most popular items.  Contact us at Agor Enterprises to discuss your specific needs and schedule an in-home evaluation 


Stair Lifts

Stair lifts Stair lifts date all the way back to the 1930s.  Today you will find two types of stair lifts referred to as straight or curved stair lift.  You can get these lifts for both indoor and outdoor use.  Straight stair lifts are fairly simple in that they will be secured t...

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Wheelchair Ramps

A wide variety of portable wheelchair ramps are available. We have fixed ramps, telescoping ramps, track ramps and even suitcase style ramps. All our ramps are manufactured to the highest quality for use as wheelchair ramps. Our portable ramps are tested to a 3X safety factor making them pound for p...

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Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lifts deliver the most simple and direct solution for conquering the “deck divide.” Smoothly and effortlessly moving straight up and down, from patio to porch, driveway to entryway, backyard to deck, even floor to floor, a VPL links your inside life with your outside li...

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