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Enter to win a FREE wheelchair van

Posted by Lindsay Agor

Apr 9, 2012 11:50:00 AM

Free wheelchair vans
That's right - you can win a free wheelchair van in May, which is National Mobility Awareness Month! Just by sharing your inspiring story of how you deal with and overcome your mobility issues to help raise public awareness, your entry into the contest can also win you a free wheelchair van!

More than 18 million people across Canada and the U.S. have mobility issues; 6 million of those are veterans. It's time to let the public gain more insight into what those 18 million deal with on a daily basis. This group makes up the second largest minority group in the USA. Just visit this website to learn about the Contest Entry requirements, then be sure to  enter your story according prior to the deadline of May 13th. But don't delay! Craft your unique story ASAP and once it's done to your satisfaction, go ahead and enter it, because you'll need to gain lots of votes in order to be eligible for the free wheelchair vans that are being given away.

Yes - vans - plural! Up to three free wheelchair vans will be given away to contest winners! Additionally, you and/or a loved one may gain the chance to appear on one of the nation's most popular talk show like Ellen, The Today Show, or Good Morning, America and let even more people learn about mobility issues by sharing your story! Can't you just imagine how great that would feel, as well as going wherever you need and want to in your brand new 2012 free wheelchair van!

Folks who drive on the streets and highways without knowledge of mobility issues deserve the chance to learn more about what those of you do deal with, each and every day. This can raise awareness, compassion, consideration - well, it can do so much overall good. And you can help with this cause by telling your personal story to inform, inspire and and encourage not just others also dealing have mobility issues, but also helping those who've never really known much about that side of life. If you're the loved one of someone whose story you feel would be perfect, then you can write it for them, if you wish. Please visit the contest entry website to learn all of the details on how you can win a free handicap van.

Agor Enterprises is thrilled to promote this exciting free wheelchair van contest, and we sincerely wish you the very best with your story. We're a family owned business and for over 40 years have been selling new and used handicapped vans. We completely understand the difference it will make to the general public to have greater awareness of mobility issues, and the fact that you could win a brand new free wheelchair van for sharing your own personal story is like the icing on the cake! The free wheelchair vans being given away include a custom Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles.So CLICK HERE to read all about the contest entry requirements, and maybe YOU will be one of the winners of a great free wheelchair van! Good luck, and we look forward to reading your story!

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