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How you can win a Free Handicap Van

Did you know that May is National Mobility Awareness Month? This is the time of year when people all over the U.S. and Canada do everything possible to raise the public's awareness about mobility issues. And this May, 2012 is even more exciting, because by writing your personal story, or about one of your loved ones with mobility issues, you have the opportunity to win a Free Handicap Van!

That's right, simply go to the website to read all the Contest Entry details and submit your story according to the guidelines before the deadline, and you could win a free handicap van, plus the opportunity to be on a popular national talk show like The Today Show, Good Morning, America or Ellen and further share your story with the world! You'd sure look and feel great tooling around in that new free handicap van, huh?

People who have never lived with anyone who must contend with mobility issues have no clue as to what's involved. But they need to. Your story can inspire, inform and uplift not only others who also have mobility issues, but it can open the eyes and hearts of many who have never really thought about everything that's part and parcel of that aspect of life. If you have a loved one whose story is one you feel would be perfect for the contest, and they don't want to write it, but you do, that's great, too. Please visit the contest entry website to learn all of the details on how you can win a free handicap van.

Your friends here at Agor Enterprises are happy to promote this exciting contest and free handicap van giveaway, and wish you the best of luck as you share your story. We've been family owned and operated for more than 40 years, and our motto is "Giving You Access to the World." We stand by that by providing 24 hour emergency road service and a mobile unit for our customers' needs. We sell new and used wheelchair vans, and high quality handicap van accessories, too. If you have any questions about any of our services, would like to come take a test drive, discuss financing options - we're here to be of service, and it will be our pleasure to do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us with any questions at all - we're happy to help.

We purchase high quality vans, too, so who knows? When your story wins the free handicap van contest, you may want to talk with us about buying your older van! Best wishes to you as you craft your story and enter it in the contest for the opportunity to raise public awareness about mobility issues and a chance to win your very own new FREE handicap van!
Agor Enterprises provides and designs vehicle and in home mobility solutions making the world accessible for people with disabilities. Agor Enterprises is a member of NMEDA and is QAP certified. Agor Enterprises is committed to providing the highest standard of safety and service in the industry. Built on the principal that dedication, service to the customer, and quality are paramount in running a successful business, Agor Enterprises continues to be a leader in customized solutions for the physically challenged. Agor Enterprises has also equipped golf carts, lawn mowers, tractors, and houses with various adaptive devices. We continue to welcome challenges to provide solutions that enable independence.


My sister and I are best buds. We like to go places together on weekends but that is becoming very difficult. My sister, Melody, has CP and is confined to a wheelchair. We lost our mom, Mel's caretaker in 2004 and I inherited Melody and a very old handicapped equipped van. Melody became very depressed after mom died but going places together helped alleviate the depression. Our van is falling apart and is becoming unreliable to go places. Winning a van would make Melody's life happier. If I had a dependable van I would also volunteer my time to tranport cancer patients free of charge for treatment. Thanks!
Posted @ Tuesday, August 28, 2012 4:42 PM by Kathleen (Kay) Porter
We have 2 handicap elderly people that need a handicap van so our son can take us to our dr appointment out of town.
Posted @ Tuesday, March 12, 2013 1:50 AM by Julia Sudduth
My daughter Briana is awesome! She's 17 and about to graduate from high school. She has femoral hypoplasia, fused elbows and is 42 inches tall because of her disability. She has had an electric wheelchair since she was 3 to keep up with everyone because of her size and it's painful to walk. We have never been able to buy a van to transport her which has caused huge problems getting her around. We are lucky that her school has a disabled school bus that picks her up. If she gets sick at school she drives her chair home (hopefully she isn't too sick to get home! If she is we have to leave her chair at school until the next day and the school hates that!!!) Now Briana is getting ready to go to junior college and we need the van so she can be independent and get to school and other places on her own. If she was an average size, I would say taking public transportation would be cool but since Briana is so small I'm very afraid that someone might overpower her and rob her. When she use to drive her chair to school and crossed the street a car ran a light and almost hit her. It was horrifying. She can't jump out of the way. This van would drive her into her future and power her forward with confidence and independence.
Posted @ Thursday, March 14, 2013 11:40 PM by Shannon Kolar
My name is marcia and i was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer at the age of 18 and due to the serverity of the disease i had to have my leg amputated and i use a power wheelchair to get around,the chair is so heavy that someone has to go with me at all times and i am 49 yearsold and i would love to have my own independence  
Just to go to walmart by myself wouldbe fabtastic andhaving a wheelchair would allow me to have some independence to go out and just breathe and not having to be rushed or turned down for a ride.One day i would love to go back to work or college and just be in the land of the living again. Thanh you for your consideration. Marcia
Posted @ Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:48 PM by marcia
Before I was hurt i helped all charities raise money for them and I did ask for anything in return. I did this cause I liked helping people. I was working for a company in Minot ND i was getting off of work with 2 other women and got jumped by this group of teens with baseball bats and crowbars the other two died and i lived and they hurt me so bad i thought i would die myself. but I'm happy that i didn't die but i have been in my chair since 1994 but i have a pinched nerve in my neck and have seizures. i have someone living with me and my service animals. But its hard to get around the city with no transportation having to ask for rides all the time and having my friend take my chair apart to go some where so we need a van to help me around and not have to rely no others when they say no sorry can't help. where 8 miles from town.
Posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 1:48 PM by linda
A friend of the family's daughter was born premature in sept 2003 weighing 2lbs 15oz .... At 2 yrs old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy & she is now 10yrs old & in a wheel chair which has been very difficult getting her in & out of there small mini van. They are really in need of a new van with a wheel chair lift. The family doesn't have the finances to purchase a new van or even a used one. They have been trying so hard to raise the money by selling popcorn & similar things but only raised $500 toward a new van. I feel she is in desperate need of a new van .... Especially since winter is rite around the corner & we live in iowa sometimes weather is real bad here. I know the family would be so great full if they won this van . Thank you so much for your time & supporting such a wonderful cause .... Rhonda Wilson
Posted @ Tuesday, October 08, 2013 3:06 PM by Rhonda Wilson
Just looking for info for my son hes in a wheelchair now he has fibroid so its hard taking him places in a 4×4 truck thank just viewing my options.
Posted @ Friday, October 11, 2013 1:32 AM by Edna
hello my name is Elizabeth and I am a full time caregiver for my disabled mom.  
she has a host of medical problems starting with a nerve deterioration issue.  
she also has fibromyalgia and has had several back surgerys and currently has a blown disc and going for injections for pain. 
she has other health concerns. 
she has been confined to a wheelchair now for the past 4 years. 
she bought a van in 1999 and it has had normal wear and tear and ran well till 6 months ago. 
it needs motor work or new motor to which either will cost about 5000 dollars. 
my mom is on a fixed income of only 938 dollars per month. 
since I care for her full time cause she is not physical able to stay alone due to falls I have no income to contribute. 
someone bought us a use van with patient lift and it has no heat or air so it is tough carrying moma to her appointments. 
the van purchased for us to use needs also major motor work and brake work. 
it is a 1994. 
we would be fine if we lived in an area where there was public transportation. 
we live in a very rural country area and the closet grocery is 22 miles away. 
so with this in mind you can understand how important it is to have transportation. 
leaving moma alone is NOT an option. 
it would really be nice to be able to not fear going down the road and not worring about if we are gona break down and if we do break down how am I gona get moma home or to a safe place.  
Posted @ Thursday, May 08, 2014 8:53 PM by elizabeth cutrer
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